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Spam Defender Professional will keep your email accounts free of spam
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Spam Defender Professional is a program that will keep your email accounts free of spam.
It will check the inbox of every email account that you wish to protect from unwanted emails. Then, by using its built-in rules, it will check if the received messages qualify to be considered spam. The suspicious messages will be displayed in a list, and you will be able to decide if you want to delete each one of the messages, mark them as spam or consider them as wanted emails.

The users can also define their own rules to consider a message as spam. They can tell the program to filter the emails sent through a given email address, or those whose subject includes a given word or phrase. In order to further investigate the emails you receive, the program allows you to view the headers of each email.

Spam Defender IS NOT an email client. You will not be able to use it to send out your emails. But it is able to receive the emails in your accounts and display them. Only the messages marked as spam will be removed from your server. The remaining messages will be left on the server until your email client gets them.

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